Busy Days

Well, the last two days were a lot busier than I thought they were going to be, so I didn’t get to post as much as I wanted to. Friday was a normal day of school. I had German at noon, but needed to meet my teacher quickly before hand. Long story short, my book still isn’t here, so I need to get copies of the work from hers. It’s really frustrating, so my book had better be here soon… German went pretty well, and I had to eat a quick lunch before the first meeting of my chem lab section at 2:00. We didn’t have an actual lab to do this week, but we talked about the class, grading, science, and other fun things like that. That went until about 4:00 (it’s scheduled until 5:30, but fortunately it doesn’t always go that late), so I had a bit more time before marching band rehearsal.

I met C, one of the other mellophones in my section on the bus on the way to N dining hall. Unfortunately we had both forgotten that N is closed on Friday afternoons after lunch, so they didn’t have any food. We ended up eating at a pasta and noodle place that was still open, which was really good, but also pretty filling. Starting marching practice on a full stomach is not fun. Rehearsal went really well. We recorded ourselves a little bit, which was very loud (I had seven trumpet players within six feet around me…) and a little exhausting, but good. After that we ran drill for the halftime show a little bit, but that wasn’t too bad. It poured at last Saturday’s football game, so we didn’t march our show, and just recycled it for yesterday’s game, so we didn’t have a ton of work to do.

After getting out of rehearsal, I came back to my dorm and was able to video chat with N (my girlfriend, not the dining hall) for a little while. Because she had a game yesterday too, and needed to be up early (a lot earlier than I needed to be), she needed to go to bed before too long. I threw a load of laundry in the washing machine, and then went to hang out with some friends from the mellophone section, who, like me, choose not to drink. We talked for a while, and I came back to my dorm a little after midnight. And then I needed to finish doing laundry. So I was up pretty late that night.

Yesterday, I woke up really late (by my standards), and after breakfast immediately needed to change into marching rehearsal clothes and catch the bus to the band building. Rehearsal went from 11:45 to about 1:15, and then we had lunch, changed into uniform, and headed over to the stadium. The game was okay, and you can read more about that here. We finished around 7:00, and after eating a little dinner (Chick-fil-A provided by the band), I went and spent the evening with D, one of the members of the mellophone section. He’s originally a clarinetist, but can also play several other instruments really well, including flute and piccolo, which he’s started playing outside the dining halls on grounds to make some money. It’s pretty funny. We talked for a while, and then I came back to my dorm.

After catching up with N for a while, I spent some time with my suitemate J and some of the people in the suites above us. I watched a little bit of The Great Gatsby with them before deciding I should probably go to bed. Thankfully I didn’t have any laundry to do.

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