Jars of Clay – Inland

Later tonight I will be making my daily “I’ve Been Listening To…” post, and for the second time (in a week) it is going to be from the new album Inland by my favorite band, Jars of Clay. This album, their first in almost three years,  has really reminded me why I like them so much. Not only do I love the music and individual sound of every song, the lyrics and meanings behind them are ones that I can listen to, enjoy, and agree with even without being “blatantly Christian” like many other bands are. While I enjoy the “blatant Christian” music as well, it’s nice to have a Christian band that sounds like it may not be, if that makes sense. And I enjoy almost every single song they release, even the ones that aren’t released on their full albums (Caught-Escape).

I just wanted to get that out. Back to chemistry reading. If you want to listen to Inland, it has been uploaded to YouTube and you can also find it here, where I’ve been listening to it.

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