Luke 11

Tonight I decided to flip to another random part of the Gospel, and came across Luke 11. This stuck out to me at first because it opens with Jesus telling his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, but later on in the chapter there were five verses that I found that I liked even better.

Starting in verse 24, Jesus tells a quick story or lesson about repenting one’s sins, which he metaphorically refers to as demons. After such a spirit (the sin) leaves someone (they confess and repent of their sin), he explains, the demons will return in greater numbers if their host does not put their body and mind in order. The study notes “translate” this passage by saying that “cleansing from sin must be followed by obedience to God’s word, not complacency.” This is one thing that I think many people (including myself) have trouble with, but I had never heard it put that way before.

Immediately following this metaphor, the Bible says a woman in the crowd cries out something about Jesus’ mother being blessed, to which he immediately responds with “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” (Luke 11:28) More words to live by.

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