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Kutless – All Who Are Thirsty

As I tried to decide where I would start reading tonight, all I could think about was how tired I am. Last night I was up later than I wanted to be working, and I had to be up early this morning for class. And even when I don’t do anything for two hours plus in the afternoon, classes and rehearsals are exhausting. And as I thought about how much I wanted to just go to bed, I remembered the lyrics to a song I used to sing at summer camp: “All who are thirsty/All who are weak/Come to the Father…” and so forth. So I looked the song up, and as I listened to it, decided that I’d rather just pray for a while. So that’s what I’m going to do in a couple of minutes, when I shut down my computer.

Before I do that, I just wanted to share some news with you. Tonight after band rehearsal, I went to a meeting for a Bible study for band members, and I think I’m going to start doing that on Thursday nights. Today we only didn’t do any Bible studying, but just introduced ourselves. It’s really cool to get to know other people from other sections of the band, especially people who share my faith. Anyway, in the future I think I will do with this group what I am doing with Chi Alpha meetings: write some of my thoughts about what we read or learned or studied here as my Daily Devotion. That’s all I have to say about that for now, but I look forward to sharing more later.

“Come Lord Jesus, come…”


The Piano Guys – Berlin