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Silverline – Viscious (David Thulin Remix)

There are literally no versions of the song I wanted to post tonight (My Heart Breaking (David Thulin Remix) by Alex Masters) on YouTube, so I’m settling for this instead, which is from the same album. It reminds me a little bit of the last verse from Romans I talked about in my Daily Devotion.


Productivity is Easy…

…when you don’t have much to do.

The past two days have been pretty good. But like I said already, it is a lot easier to focus on work when there isn’t a lot to do. That’s the way it is for me, anyway. Yesterday I had my normal Thursday schedule: 8:00 writing seminar, 11:00 chem lecture, break until marching practice at 6:00. I was exhausted because I didn’t get much sleep Wednesday night, so I actually ended up napping for about 45 minutes after lunch. I like naps, but don’t take them very often because I’m not good at falling asleep when I actually want to. When I got up, I was able to knock out all of my German exercises and reading for my chem lab in about an hour, giving me some more time just to relax before marching. After marching I had band Bible study, and then went to C to get some food with R and L? (I think that’s her “name”) because we were hungry. Then I came back to my dorm and got to relax some more, talk to N and read a little bit before bed.

This morning I woke up an hour after my alarm went off, which was a little frustrating. Fortunately my first class on Fridays is at noon, so I was able to eat some breakfast and had plenty of extra time beforehand. I was going to practice horn or go swimming before class, but didn’t have time for swimming and didn’t feel like practicing yet. After German, I ate lunch and had a long, dry chem lab. It wasn’t difficult, but we kept distracted, so it took much longer than it needed to. This weekend is a little bit longer for fall break, so the practice modules were closed by that point, and I still haven’t practiced, which I’m frustrated about. So instead I came back to my dorm and was lazy for a little while. Around 8, I went to OH (the only dining hall still open because of break) for dinner, and stopped at the AFC (Aquatics and Fitness Center) on the way back to swim for a little bit. That felt good. I’ve been trying to exercise a little bit more. I don’t know the area well enough to trust myself to run yet, and am like a fish out of water (haha, kind of punny) in a weight room, so I’ve been swimming instead. I’ve always enjoyed swimming, but I am not all that great at it. Ah well.

Was hoping to talk to N for a little while on Facebook, but kept missing each other and then she had to go to bed. She is in marching band at her university, and they leave really early to get to the stadium on game days like tomorrow. I’m going to an away game with my marching band too, but thankfully don’t need to be up as early. I should go to bed though. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get to bed earlier for too long, so I should work on changing that. So I’m going to shower, and then headed to bed. That’s the plan anyway. Even though most of my suite is gone for break, I may find myself distracted by music or something like that.