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Why I’ve Been Paranoid for the Past Two Days

Simple Answer: I’ve been spending every minute outside of my room on the lookout for people who want to try and “kill” me.

Better Answer: Last Thursday I started playing in the band’s annual “Sock Wars,” a giant game of Assassin. For those of you who don’t know about the game, it is played 24/7 and the players constantly try to hit and “kill” their assigned targets with socks. There are a few times and places that are “safe,” like the band rehearsal, practices, classes and paid work, but otherwise the only way to protect yourself is to have an “immunity” or run. The immunity is typically something you need to carry on your body or do, and changes each day, and can be any number of things. The first day, Thursday, it was a band shirt, Friday’s was a paper target or bull’s-eye and over the weekend we had to carry the largest textbook we own. When Monday’s immunity was announced via e-mail, I immediately realized that the next day was going to be a little stressful. In order to be immune, we had to wear sunglasses (even indoors) and flip-flops. I would have been happy to wear aviators all day, but I do not own flip-flops. I spent the whole day on watch for anyone with both sunglasses and flip-flops, as well as anyone else who was remotely “threatening.” Today’s immunity was the first action one: we had to do arm-circles whenever we were walking around, and were immune whenever we were standing or sitting still. Arm-circles get tiring after a while, so I didn’t do them for much of the day, and spent my travels from class to class in the same paranoid state as Monday.

I am still alive, so that’s good. Unfortunately, my target has been very diligent in having an immunity, so I haven’t gotten a chance to kill them yet. I’m more worried about dying because I time-out (we only have one week to make a kill) rather than being killed. Some stalking may be in order…

Tomorrow’s immunity: a moustache drawn on with pen or marker. Easy. I just need to choose a color.


Gungor – We Will Run

Among lots of marching band music and other things, one part of this song in particular (3:20-4:10) was running through my head all day.