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Phil Wickham – Spirit Fall

I was introduced to Phil Wickham’s music a couple of years ago at a Compassion event I worked at. I was able to sit through most of his act, and quickly grew a liking for his music. There was one section in this song (and also in his song “Cannons“) that immediately stuck out to me: “All glory, honor, power is Yours, Amen.” (3:20) It has since been one of my favorite lyrics to any praise song, and I was reminded of it tonight at After Dark, so wanted to share it.



The past couple of weeks in chemistry, we have begun to explore molecular structure, especially with relation to electron orbitals, both molecular and atomic. Today, our professor used what we were learning to explain what makes hydrogen cyanide such a toxic substance. The nitrogen atom in cyanides has a pair of nonbonding electrons at one end of the molecule, which is free to interact with other molecules if it can. Inside the human body (or the body of most other respiring organisms), the free electrons can easily attach themselves to iron atoms inside a certain enzyme that assists in the electron transport chain, which is one step in the conversion of the energy we consume in food into a form usable on the atomic level. This deactivates the enzyme, stopping the process it is involved in, and preventing our cells from having the energy they need. No energy, and the cells cannot survive, quickly killing the person exposed to the cyanide. It may be a little morbid, but I think it’s pretty cool how simple chemical concepts have such a big effect.

After Dark

Well, getting back on track for my Daily Devotions has proved to be a little bit harder than I thought it may be, even after only a four day break. Last night’s Chi Alpha talk was really interesting, and I was looking forward to sharing about it, but that didn’t happen. The speaker talked about how, even though we follow Jesus, we will still have times “in the desert,” where life is just hard for one reason or another. Referencing the story of David in 1st Samuel chapter 30, however, he explained how even in these tough times, there are certain faith-related things that “grow in the desert.” Unfortunately, I forget the specifics of the three growing things, but if I remember I will be sure to share.

Tonight after band practice I attended an event called After Dark. Most of the Christian fellowships from my college were there, and many others who were not involved in those fellowships, both Christian and non-Christian, were invited and chose to come. The time was split between two parts, the first a presentation of sorts by Joe White, an excellent speaker. I thought it was really well done, but would rather not share about my experience with it because the time is meant to be (in my opinion) a more personal experience between the listener and God. The last hour was a concert by a Christian music artist. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was pretty good.

I feel like I don’t have much more to say about it, even though it was a really good night. I will be resuming my normal Bible study type devotions tomorrow.