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Romans 11

Paul continues on his theme of faith for all peoples in chapter 11, focusing primarily on the Jews and Gentiles. One of my favorite parts of the chapter, and what I think may be the most relevant part of it, is a metaphor Paul makes to compare following Christ to being part of an olive tree. Just like a gardener, God can choose who (what branches) to graft into the tree and save as well as who to cut off from that salvation. Either way, whether the branches originally belonged to the tree, like the Hebrews or people who have grown up in the church, or a brand new graft from a new shoot (remind you of the parable of the sower from Matthew 13?), we are both supported and can only live through our roots, God’s promises and Jesus. New and old branches are treated the same, and may remain in the tree for their faith or be removed. I think this is a clarifying image of how we are, as followers of Christ, all the same to a degree. It also provides more meaning to Jesus’ “I am the vine, and you are the branches” lesson in John 15.

The next chapter seems to be moving away from the differences (or similarities) between former Jews and Gentiles, so I am looking forward to it. We’ll cover that on Friday (Band Bible Study tomorrow).


Sock Wars Update: First Blood

Moustache day went pretty well. My moustache looks more like I let a small child take a pen to my upper lip, but I guess it passes. Good news though. Tonight at dinner I noticed my target didn’t have a moustache. That kind of makes sense, and I know several other girls who opted to risk elimination rather than having a moustache for an entire day (yes, even in classes), but it’s a game of no mercy, so I took my opportunity. I have a week to make my next kill. While I’m on the topic, tomorrow’s immunity is even more embarrassing. We need to wear a bib (with a band/baby-related pun on it) and suck our thumb in order to be safe. That’s going to be interesting…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – “Queen of the Night” Aria from Die Zauberflöte (Performed by Diana Damrau)

Opera is impressive. I’ve heard this before, but it wasn’t until the last time I listened to it a couple of days ago that I realized just how difficult this aria is. It is amazing. This video also includes the scene prior to the aria, which starts at 2:10.