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Ernö Dohnányi – American Rhapsody (Performed by John Farrer and the English Sinfonia)

I played this last year and had it stuck in my head earlier today. One of my favorite full orchestral pieces I’ve played.


Eric Whitacre – Godzilla Eats Las Vegas

I’ve never played this piece myself, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

Esther and Christmas

Saturday: I decided to go with another well-known Bible story, starting the book of Esther. I did not know this, but apparently there are additions to the book that certain faiths have, as compared to most Bibles. Because my Bible at home has these additions, I’m reading those too. Esther 1 and 2 (with additional chapter 11 and 12).

Sunday and Monday: One of these two nights, I didn’t do anything, and the other I read Esther 3 and 4 (with additional chapter 13, verses 1-7).

Tuesday: I didn’t do my own devotion because of midnight mass.

Wednesday: Christmas! Even though I heard it at least three times on Christmas Eve and Day, I read the Nativity story from Luke 2.

Thursday: Esther, additional chapters 13 (verses 8 onward) and 14.

Friday: Esther chapters 5 through 7 (including additional chapter 15).

Saturday: Esther chapter 8 (and additional chapter 16).

Sunday: Finished Esther with chapters 9 through 11.

JIR3H-3 – Seventh Vision

I Like Surprises

Surprises are fun. The past two days there have been two surprises in particular I liked. On Thursday, we (my family and I) tried to video chat with our family from Tennessee because they wanted to see us open a present. Unfortunately, the video chat didn’t exactly work, so we ended up using Skype on my computer so they could see us, Google Hangouts on my mom’s Nexus so that we could hear them and numerous phone calls. It was frustrating. In the end, we couldn’t see them, but they could see us, which was the goal. The big presents were three “fuzzies,” big, warm, fuzzy, handmade blankets. For as long as I can remember, we have enjoyed playing and staying warm under them whenever we visited our grandparents, and this year they decided to send us some to have at our house. So that was rather unexpected, and very exciting. I don’t think I can take it with me to college, but I will definitely be sleeping under it until I need to leave. Thank you so much, Grandmommy, Poppy and J(squared).

The other surprise was one that some friends and I have been in on for several months now. I forget if I’ve mentioned this, but the summer after junior year of high school I went to Germany on an exchange trip. The following fall, the German exchange students came and stayed with us. Earlier today, L, one of the German exchange students who stayed with my best friend G, came to visit for a little bit. The thing was, we didn’t tell G. So tonight (Friday), N held a “movie night” at her house, inviting G along with several other friends, most of whom already knew L was here (and staying with N). We did end up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the newer one), but the best part was when G walked in and realized that L was sitting on the couch with the rest of us. You could tell by his face that he had no idea that L was going to be there, and it was great. Secrets like that are fun.

Gungor – Wake Up Sleeper

More Gungor! I especially like the change in mood at 3:05.

Gungor – Please Be My Strength

For artists that I really enjoy, I like to have CD versions of albums rather than just mp3s. Three of my favorite Christmas gifts this year were Gungor’s three studio albums, and I’ve been listening to them quite a bit.