Merry Christmas!

I’m not really sure what else to write, to be honest. It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!

It was a good day, but very different. Last night (really this morning), I went to midnight Christmas mass with N and her family. It was good, but being only the second Catholic mass that I have attended, in my memory, I felt a little bit out of place. I both enjoy the liturgy and formality of the Catholic faith and mass and find it a little bit annoying, simply because it is hard for non-Catholics to fit in. I’m sure that some people would say the same thing about my church, but it puts it in perspective when you actually experience it. Regardless, it was a beautiful service and a good start to the day.

After mass, it was very cold and there were a few flurries of snow, so I was very grateful for a ride home. I went almost straight to bed, crawling into the top bunk of my brother’s room as I’ve done for a few years now on Christmas Eve. My siblings woke me up around 8:00, but I didn’t actually get out of bed until 8:35 or so. We started opening presents, and stopped for breakfast at 9:30. Every Christmas we have sausage-egg casserole and cinnamon rolls, which were good. Afterwards we finished with the gifts.

That part of Christmas was a good bit shorter this year because, for the first time since C was two years old (she’s now twelve), we were alone as a family. Normally our grandparents and aunt and uncle on our mom’s side come up, or we go to our grandparents’ house, for Christmas, and we celebrate all together. Unfortunately they didn’t feel like they could visit this year, so the house was a little bit less full and quieter. I missed them, and hope that we can get together for Christmas next year, somehow.

The rest of the day was filled with lots of games. We played Bridge, Dutch Blitz, Hearts and some Wii. I also put a good bit of work on a puzzle that I’ve been working on since I got home. After dinner (lasagna), we watched Cookie’s Fortune, which most of us hadn’t seen before. It was pretty good, but I think I fell asleep on T’s shoulder for a few minutes. I think I’m headed to bed soon. Once again, Merry Christmas to all!

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