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Jars of Clay – Inland


Starting Isaiah

Monday: Nothing.

Tuesday: Prayer for the world in the coming year.

Wednesday: I read my Bible’s introduction to Isaiah, which I think I will be studying for a little bit. In addition to being the source of many well-known Bible verses, like the song “Isaiah” by the Newsboys or the “wings like eagles” passage (Isaiah 40: 28-31), Isaiah contains many of the Old Testament’s prophecies regarding Jesus Christ. Yet with the exception of a couple short sections during Advent, I have not read or studied very much of the book, so I decided that I was going to work my way through it next. And it’s pretty long (66 chapters), so it will take me some time. I’m also going to try to do quick (one or two sentence) summaries of what I read, because I think that would be fun.

Thursday: Nothing.

Friday: Isaiah 1. Israel is a mess.

Saturday: Isaiah 2, 3 and 4. God will, one day, judge all of his creation and humankind. He will turn existing society on its head before restoring Jerusalem as a great and holy city.