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Train Delays

It’s 4:30, and my last train back to school was supposed to leave half an hour ago. And the latest estimates have said that I’m not going to be going anywhere for at least another hour fifteen minutes. So that’s a little bit frustrating. The first train I took, even though it left pretty early this morning (6:40), was pretty good, albeit uneventful. I slept most of the ride until 11:00, and then read half of an issue of Scientific American. I had hoped to finish up my resumes for a couple of summer internship jobs that I am applying for, but the internet was so bad that I couldn’t. I thought it was kind of ironic how there was a sticker on the window next to me advertising the free WiFi, when I couldn’t load a single page beside the “Usage Terms and Conditions” you get redirected to after connecting to the internet.

I got off the first train at 2:45, a little bit after the scheduled arrival time, and went to Subway for a late lunch. I carried some Honey Nut Cherrios and cereal bars on the train for snacks, but it was good to have “real” food too. Now I’m waiting at the gate for the train to get here. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do for the next hour or so. I may finish that Scientific American. My computer is low on battery, so I should probably put it away until I get back on the train and have access to an electrical socket. I’ll probably be making at least one more post today, so until then…


John Mackey – Undertow (Performed by the North Texas Wind Symphony)

My brother’s band is working on this piece, so when I visited band class today, I got to sight read it.