Snow Days

I never thought there would be a snow day that I didn’t like, but then Thursday and Friday happened. It started snowing Wednesday night. I was actually in a chemistry exam (which I was taking early because I was supposed to have an orchestra rehearsal during the scheduled time) when my professor came in and told me (and the other test-taker) that classes for the rest of the night were cancelled. For the rest of the class, the exam would need to wait until next week, but we would be allowed to finish ours, thankfully. So I ended up not having orchestra, which I was alright with. Shortly after that, the University cancelled Thursday classes, so then I didn’t do anything all night.

Thursday morning, with snowfall of about a foot, I realized that I should probably get working. Even though I didn’t have to turn in the calculus homework that was originally due on Thursday evening, I had every reason to believe that I would have classes Friday, which would mean turning in a chemistry lab report and three other physics and calc assignments, as well as preparing for another lab. So instead of going out and playing in the snow, I was inside most of the day. When I did make the trek out of my dorm for dinner, I met up with some Chi Alpha friends (Core Group meeting was cancelled, but we had dinner anyway), and they invited me to a movie night. I wanted to go, but still hadn’t started my lab report because physics and calculus were taking so long. An hour later, Friday classes were called, and I was still struggling.

Part of what was making physics and calculus, two subjects that I’ve never had too much trouble with, so difficult for me was that we hadn’t covered all that we were supposed to for the homework. My calculus teacher, at least, had a reason: missing a full class on Thursday when we were supposed to go over a good bit of the subject matter for the homework. Physics, on the other hand, not so much. Our weekly physics homework is due on Friday mornings at 5:00 AM, long before our lecture, so we should have covered everything already in class. But we hadn’t. So I had to search through my book to find an equation or two for every single problem, and then had to figure out what I was doing with them. Needless to say, that took a while. So I didn’t go to movie night, but eventually finished physics and put a dent in calc.

Friday morning, I woke up and got bad news. The orchestra series for this weekend, including Appalachian Spring, which I had been looking forward to playing for months, was cancelled. With the University being closed, we weren’t allowed to have any of our three dress rehearsals, which account for about half of our rehearsal time for each concert. I was upset, to put it lightly. I certainly hope that I get another chance to play Appalachian Spring, but who knows now…

So that put me in a bad mood, and I was kind of stuck there for the day. Even though classes were cancelled, my calculus teacher wanted us to scan and send him our homework, which was due at 5:00 (PM). I spent most of the afternoon working away at that, becoming less and less confident of what I was doing, and even more frustrated. I didn’t even remember that it was Valentine’s Day until maybe around 2:30. After turning in calculus, chatting with family for a little bit (and discovering that they were coming a day earlier than we were planning because of the blizzard coming Saturday night, which ended up cancelling their original flight), and having dinner with some band people, I got back to work, making periodic trips to the laundry room. I Skyped with N for a little bit, and was happy to hear that the Valentine’s Day package I sent her got there on time. That was probably the highlight of my day.

All in all, my two snow days consisted of lots of work, little to no play in the snow, which I wanted to do, and missing orchestra rehearsals that made it so I couldn’t play one of my favorite pieces of classical music. Real bummers of days.

This morning I woke up at 10:00, then fell back asleep until 11:30. I had breakfast with some people on my “hall,” and told myself I was going to do work while my family (or siblings and mom) drove two hours from their hotel to the University. I didn’t end up doing anything, but folded most of my laundry and was able to chat with N a little. When my family got to me, we sat around and made plans for a bit, then went to see Frozen, which none of us had seen yet. It was pretty good. I do have more to say about it, but don’t really want to here, so those ideas may show up in another post sometime soon. After the movie we picked up chicken and went to some friends’ house for dinner. It was good to see them. I feel kind of bad though, because after dinner I very quickly fell asleep on the floor until it was time to go. Not the first time it’s happened either… Apparently I’m great company.

Now we’re at some other friends’ house. When my family was going to be coming tonight (Saturday night), we planned for me to stay here to maximize my time with them, but even with the extra afternoon, we decided that I’d stay here anyway. After talking for a little and watching some of the Olympics, everyone else went to bed, leaving me to chat with N a little and then do some work. I was already tired, but decided that I wanted to put in a bit of work on my lab report. It’s due on Monday now, so I would either need to do it tonight or tomorrow, which would take away from time with family. Anyway, it’s three (?) hours later, but I’ve successfully written most of the report. I still need to write an Abstract and an Introduction, and have a couple of other assignments to do, but I have much less than I had. So now I’m going to head toward bed. The later I stay up, the less likely my family will actually want to hang out with me in the morning…

On tap for tomorrow: church with family, and then the women’s basketball game, which I signed up to play at before I remembered that I had the concert or knew my family was coming. Turns out I don’t have the concert, and my family (or mom, at least) is interested in the game and watching the band. After that, who knows. They’re on vacation, after all.

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