Pretty Good Week

Sunday: Spent the night with T, my brother, and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Not exactly a devotion, but it was good just to hang out with him for a little bit.

Monday: Isaiah 30 and 31. Even though Egypt seems to be an ally, Israel should not rely on Egypt, because they will only turn on them, but God will help.

Tuesday: Isaiah 32 and 33. These two chapters kind of reminded me of Psalms or Proverbs, covering lots of topics, from praising God to warnings regarding folly, in only a couple of verses.

Wednesday: Nothing. I don’t remember why…

Thursday: We studied Luke 5: 1-11 (the calling of the first disciples) at my Chi Alpha core group meeting. A lot of the discussion centered around Jesus being awesome and what we need to be doing to follow him.

Friday: Chi Alpha had another Dive Deep event (the first being back in November), which I went to. There weren’t baptisms like the last one, so it was basically two hours of singing and prayer, which was a nice opportunity to have.

Saturday: Isaiah 34 and 35. God will destroy certain kingdoms on Earth, leaving them as deserts and wastelands, which will eventually become a place of praise and a path to Zion.

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