Good Week, Spotty Devotions

Sunday: Isaiah 36. In this chapter, the book of Isaiah begins to get into a more narrative format like much of the Old Testament than only prophecies like the first 35 chapters, fleshing out the stories behind some of the predictions from earlier in the book. The king of Assyria challenges Judah and tells its people not to trust in their own king, Hezekiah.

Monday: No personal devotions. At Chi Alpha we finished up a series on love, dating, relationships and marriage with a message about being single.

Tuesday: Isaiah 37. Hezekiah prays to God, who sends an angel to kill a good deal of the Assyrian army, preventing them from attacking Judah.

Wednesday: Nothing.

Thursday: Luke 8: 4-8 (The Parable of the Sower). We talked about this well-known parable at Core Group Bible study, talking about what can make it difficult to live a life of faith and how we can counteract such things.

Friday: Movie night with Core Group guys and our sister Core Group, but no personal devotions again.

Saturday: Nothing.

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