The No Good, Very Bad Test

Earlier this afternoon I took my second chemistry exam of the semester. I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a test before, but I don’t want to get it back, and I don’t want to know how I did. It was that bad. I was pretty confident going into it, but that confidence only lasted the first three questions.

  1. Naming hydrocarbons, especially alkenes. Six compounds, I wasn’t sure about one of them, but I’m pretty sure I got the other five right.
  2. Simple explanation of Markovnikov’s rule and why it does what it does. Fairly certain I got this one correct.
  3. Calculating ΔH (change in energy) for four reactions. I forgot the exact mechanism for one of them, so I couldn’t give an accurate answer, but the other three were fine.
  4. Explaining what caused difference in the rates of a catalyst-based hydration reaction in six different alkenes. I didn’t answer this one at all, even though there was one very similar on the problem set, partly because I had a memory blank and partly because I was busy making up answers for the next three questions.
  5. Three parts asking for information about carbocations as intermediates in reactions. Didn’t answer the first part, may have put correct reactions for the second, and I forget what I said (if anything) for the third.
  6. We were supposed to write mechanisms and explanations of those mechanisms for four reactions. I partly remembered and partly made up the mechanisms, but didn’t say anything about them.
  7. Write reactions to produce five specific halo-hydrocarbons or alcohols. I didn’t answer one of them, put basically the same reaction down for two of them (because I was pretty sure one was right), and was decently confident with the other two.

So that’s what I did, and I’ve been pretty upset about it since. I even wrote “I was not prepared for this exam, and that’s entirely my fault” on the test itself. Now just to wait and see (even though I really don’t want to) how I did. Not looking forward to it. And I need to do all of the work that is due tomorrow and Friday. Great… All I can say is that Saturday can’t come soon enough.

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