Home Again

It’s spring break, so I’m home again (for the first time since winter break). I flew home Saturday morning and early afternoon, and since then I haven’t done much, besides sleep. I don’t really remember what I did after getting home Saturday afternoon. I know T (and dad, his ride) was away for almost four hours reffing indoor soccer games, and I think I played some Mario Kart with C, but other than that…

Yesterday we went to church, which was good. Afterwards, I got to practice in the sanctuary, which I always enjoy doing. It’s much more resonant than anywhere else I get to practice by myself, especially the practice rooms at school, which are sound-proofed and dead. After that, we went to Uno for lunch. It was nice to have good pizza (i.e. not dining hall pizza) for a change. I went to T’s indoor soccer game, and T and C had to do homework and go to bed early, so we didn’t get to do much else.

I guess I needed to catch up on sleep a little bit, because I slept in until almost 11:00 this morning. And then I took another nap on the couch after eating breakfast and playing a few rounds of Sequence with mom. I spent quite a bit of the day just laying on the couch, listening to the music and reading “Calvin and Hobbes,” the favorite family comic strip. After an early dinner, because T had musical rehearsal, the rest of us walked downtown to the library and other places. I love the library, but I’ve been avoiding going each time I come home because I have so many other books on my list of things I want to read (currently at 113…), but I was able to limit myself to one short book and a recording of Shostakovich 11. C and I also went to a small cafe and had soda and hot chocolate, respectively. When we got home, we played some Mario Kart, and since then I’ve listened to Shostakovich 5 (with my part for the last orchestra concert of the year) and caught up with N a little. Tomorrow looks similarly empty, so I should probably sit down and get some work done.

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