Trying Something Different

Last week was spring break, and I decided to start something a little bit different for my devotions. I brought The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer home, thinking I would read it while I was there and leave it when I came back (the copy I have belongs to my parents). But once I started I figured I could also use it as a devotion option, and that’s what I did for most of the week. Thursday through Saturday, I had to move to my brother’s room, because my room doubles as the guest room, so to avoid disturbing him, and because I was going to bed pretty late, I opted to simply pray a little bit instead of reading.

Sunday: The Cost of Discipleship, Memoir/biography and Introduction. I didn’t know very much about Bonhoeffer’s life, so this helped put him in context for me.

Monday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 1, “Costly Grace.” Christians often have the misconception that God’s grace is cheap, or easy to receive, which distracts from how great it actually is.

Tuesday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 2, “The Call to Discipleship.” It may be hard to lay down everything else in life in order to follow Christ, but it is a sacrifice we need to be willing to make.

Wednesday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 3, “Single-Minded Obedience.” Faith and obedience to God and his teachings go hand-in-hand, with neither being able to fully exist without the other.

Thursday through Saturday: Prayer.

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