Not Great…

This is quite a bit late (again) so just to clarify, these are the devotions I did last week, from the 16th to the 22nd.

Sunday: Prayer.

Monday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 4, “Discipleship and the Cross.” Most Christians have probably all heard the “take up your cross” speech, line, etc., but don’t realize how literally God calls us to accept the suffering, rejection, and even death that Jesus did.

Tuesday: Nothing.

Wednesday: Matthew 6: 25-34. Don’t worry, because God will take care of you.

Thursday: I briefly re-read the Matthew passage from Wednesday, because I left my Bible open to it, but was mostly busy with writing a lab report.

Friday and Saturday: I probably prayed a bit these days, but I don’t remember any specific time set apart for it, so I’m not counting it.

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