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Last night, I went to a Chi Alpha guys-only event called, quite simply, “Manliness.” It was about 45 minutes away from grounds (by car) on a farm that a Chi Alpha alum’s family owns, which was pretty cool. The ride there itself was pretty good. It was warm enough to keep all of the windows down, even as we were going 60 on the highway, and we listened to music the whole way. Many of the songs we listened to were by artists like Gungor and Lecrae, but the last few minutes we listened to music from Frozen, which is even funnier when half the car (full of guys, remember) are singing along.

At the farm, we did many “manly” things like arm wrestling (I lost in the first round of the tournament), tug-of-war (the first-year team had too many players, so I didn’t play, and we lost to the fourth-years), and eating dinner. We also played a game called Death-Hack, which I had never played before, but was a lot of fun. You start by throwing a ball into the middle of a circle, which then needs to be juggled soccer-style by three different people in the circle before the ball is “live.” The ball stays “live” until it hits the ground or someone gets “out.” Once the ball is live, everyone is allowed to move from the circle and try to grab it (but cannot move once they have it). Whoever gets the ball must then try to throw and hit one of the other people playing. If they succeed, their target is out, but if they miss, the target catches the throw, or they get tackled before they throw the ball, they are out. We didn’t get to play very many rounds, but it was fun, and I’d play again sometime.

After dinner, we had a campfire with S’mores. We tried to sing “Blessed be Your Name,” which was only partially successful because everyone there forgot the words and order of the last two verses, so there were unscheduled parts where it was just the guitar playing. It was pretty funny. Before we left, each of the fourth-years spent a few minutes to share with the group what they had learned over the course of their time at the University and in Chi Alpha, that they wished they had known earlier. The topics ranged from school to living in community to leadership to relationships and lots of other things. I don’t remember everything that was said, but the piece of advice that stuck out to me most was about letting yourself be vulnerable about your weaknesses and mistakes to others, especially with those who share your faith, so they can help you work on.

When that was finished, we loaded back up into the cars and came back. It was a pretty good night, and I’m looking forward to it again next year. Once we got back, I chatted with N for a little while, and then went to bed. Today, I’m playing with the band at the spring football game, a scrimmage in preparation for this fall’s football season, and then the horn studio has our combined class, where we play what we’ve been working on during the semester. It may not be a good idea to play mellophone for however many hours before that, but it’s too late to back out of the game, so we’ll just need to see how it goes.


Tree63 – Blessed Be Your Name