Finals Week and Packing Up

Sunday: Nothing.

Monday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapters 9 and 10, “The Brother” and “Woman.” In “The Brother,” Bonhoeffer discusses how our relationships with our brothers (and sisters) in Christ must be loving, supportive, and free of anger, or else we have no relationship with God. “Woman” is a very short analysis of Matthew 5: 27-32, where Jesus reminds us of the importance of keeping control over our body, even in times of temptation, which is especially pertinent for men struggling with lust.

Tuesday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 11, “Truthfulness.” This chapter focuses on the importance of speaking truthfully and how oaths should fit into a Christian life, if at all. Because anything we say should be the truth, there should be no need for swearing an oath.

Wednesday: Nothing.

Thursday: My devotion for Thursday was technically on Friday morning, but it makes more sense if I explain it. After my last final Thursday afternoon, I ate dinner with the remaining Chi Alpha friends on grounds and just relaxed for a little bit. I talked to N for a while, and started organizing my room to get ready to pack on Friday. N went to bed around 11:30, and I stayed up for another 3 hours until most of my hall (or what was left of it) came back from their last night of first year (i.e. partying). They built a fort in my suite’s common room, and I just sat and chatted with them for a while. A little before 3:30, they all went to bed, and I planned to too, but after brushing my teeth, I had a strange desire to pack right then. So I kept organizing my things based on what I was bringing home with me and what was staying in storage near school. After about an hour, I was done organizing and had started to pack a little bit, but didn’t want to continue. At this point, however, I was wide awake and restless. Rather than showering and force myself to go to bed, which was covered with books and miscellaneous items at the time, I grabbed my shoes and went for a walk. I took my time, and was walking barefoot, so it took me about a half hour to reach the lawn (normally a 12-15 minute walk). I decided then to sit and stay on the steps of OCH to watch the sunrise. There were occasional distractions as the University came to life, but I spent most of the time in thought and prayer. It was unlike anything else I’ve done before. Around 7:00, I headed back to my dorm, showered, and started my last day of my first year with breakfast with my hallmates. I did end up taking a four hour nap, but not until I had done a good bit of packing and helped F and M, a suitemate and Chi Alpha guy, respectively, move out.

Friday: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 12, “Revenge.” Non-violence, even when confronted with your enemies, is the only way to truly defeat them without falling into evil yourself.

Saturday: Nothing.

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