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Relient K – Forget and Not Slow Down

This is how I would like to live.

On another note, I am on vacation with my family for the next week, with limited internet access, so I’m not going to post very much, if anything, for at least a week.


John Williams – Cantina Band (from Star Wars Episode IV)

Relient K – In Love With the 80’s (Pink Tux to the Prom)

I’m surprised I’ve never really posted any of this band’s songs. They aren’t my favorite, but they are very good.

Ramin Djawadi – Pacific Rim (from Pacific Rim)

Maybe it’s just because I’ve only seen half of the movie, but I only just listened to this soundtrack. I like a lot of the themes and the feeling of it, but I don’t like the use of electric guitars (or other electronic instruments) along with the orchestra in many cases. I feel that the same effect could have been reached with only the traditional soundtrack orchestra. Regardless, I like it enough to add it to my list of soundtracks that I do like.

John Williams – Battle of the Heroes (from Star Wars Episode III)

The Digital Age – Glow

116 Clique – Man Up Anthem