Devotional Drought

The start of my summer has been pretty good, but I’ve fallen off with two things that I really want to be habits: practicing horn and my devotions. I started practicing again this week, but I haven’t done any devotions in almost three weeks now, not counting prayers throughout each day. What I have read was:

The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 13, “The Enemy–the “Extraordinary”.” Bonhoeffer goes into something I’ve actually been thinking a bit about since: what it should mean to love as a Christian. Love is important in all relations we have with others, both Christian and non-Christian, but it isn’t enough to just love your friends, allies, etc. To show love to someone you like is easy, but our loving nature can only be seen in how we treat the people we don’t like.

The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 14, “The Hidden Righteousness.” Our goal should always be to reflect Jesus rather than show what we view as our own “righteousness.” In fact, we should completely forget about a sense of “how good you are” and always focus solely on following him, as this is the only way we can truly be righteous.

I’m planning on climbing back into doing regular devotions starting tonight. You’ll hear how that goes.

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