Flickering Back to Life

Another two week post. Lots of Bonhoeffer:

Sunday, June 1st: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 15, “The Hiddenness of Prayer.” While praying together is often a good thing, praying “in front” of people defeats its purpose. This chapter also examines The Lord’s Prayer line-by-line as an ideal template for how our prayer should be.

Monday, June 2nd: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 16, “The Hiddenness of the Devout Life.” Bonhoeffer quickly addresses traditions such as fasting and asceticism as ways of building up the strength of the soul over the body.

Thursday, June 5th: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 17, “The Simplicity of the Carefree Life.” Most of this chapter uses Matthew 6: 28-34 as a backbone: We should not be preoccupied about our day to day needs (God will provide), let alone about amassing worldly wealth, both worries will draw attention away from God.

Sunday, June 8th: Prayer for friends and choices.

Monday, June 9th: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 18, “The Disciple and Unbelievers.” In this chapter, Bonhoeffer deals with the tough topic of how Christians should interact with non-Christians: with love and friendship above all. No exceptions. One line in particular stuck out to me: “Discipleship [Christianity] does not afford us a point of vantage from which to attack others; we come to them with an unconditional offer of fellowship, with the single-mindedness of the love of Jesus.” This is something a lot of Christians (including myself, often times) get wrong, and it can really drive people away from further, potentially positive, interactions with Christians.

Tuesday, June 10th: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapter 19, “The Great Divide.” To be honest, I was falling asleep while I read this, so I didn’t understand all of it. Following Jesus sets true Christians far apart from non-believers and what Bonhoeffer calls “pseudo-Christians.”

Saturday, June 14th: The Cost of Discipleship, Chapters 20, “The Conclusion,” and 21, “The Harvest.” Both chapters are short, with “The Conclusion” ending the study on the Sermon on the Mount with the charge to follow Jesus’ teaching and “The Harvest” presenting a call to work for and with Him.

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