Finishing The Cost of Discipleship

I’m back… with three weeks of devotions. Yay?

Anyway, I finished The Cost of Discipleship on vacation. Here’s a recap of the last thirteen chapters:

Monday, June 16th: Chapters 20, “The Conclusion” and 21, “The Harvest.” “The Conclusion” reminds us that we cannot pick and choose what commandments we can follow or not, as ignoring one is as good as ignoring all of Jesus’ teaching, s. “The Harvest” encourages optimism in spreading the Good News, focusing on the great possibilities it can bring.

Tuesday, June 17th: Chapter 22, “The Apostles.” In two pages (short devotion!) Bonhoeffer points out how different Jesus’ original disciples were, united only by His call, just as we are as His followers today.

Wednesday, June 18th: Chapter 23, “The Work.” This chapter introduces ways in which we are called to continue to proclaim the story of Jesus and recounts a couple of rules that Jesus himself laid down to the apostles for doing so.

Thursday, June 19th: Chapter 24, “The Suffering of the Messengers.” Sharing God’s Word won’t always be easy, with real persecution following His servants.

Wednesday, June 25th: Chapters 25, “The Decision,” and 26, “The Fruit.” Despite the expected pain and suffering faced by Christians, we should not fear it, and always trust in the Lord, for the reward is great.

Thursday, June 26th: Chapter 27, “Preliminary Questions.” Although we tend to forget because he is not present in human form, Jesus still lives with and within us.

Saturday, June 28th: Chapter 28, “Baptism.” In baptism, we die with Christ once and for all, and with Him rise again free of our sin.

Sunday, June 29th: Chapter 29, “The Body of Christ.” Jesus’ human body took on all of our sin and the death that we deserve for it to the cross, but His body is now represented by the church, and through which (through us) He continues to live and act.

Monday, June 30th: Chapter 30, “The Visible Community.” Bonhoeffer continues with the theme of Jesus being present in the church (being the Christian community as a whole), explaining what that should mean for its workings and activity.

Tuesday, July 1st: Chapter 31, “The Saints.” Rather than the saints of the Catholic faith, Bonhoeffer examines what Christian, saintly, life should be for an individual.

Wednesday, July 2nd: Chapter 32, “The Image of Christ.” To finish the book, Bonhoeffer challenges us to be “like Christ,” not by striving to be Him, but to be like Him for the world as best as we can with His help.

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