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Getting Back to Isaiah

After finally finishing The Cost of Discipleship, I was able to get back to my study of Isaiah, which I started back in January. My summer schedule hasn’t helped with regularity though…

The week of July 6th (I forget the actual day): I reread Isaiah 48. God will deliver Israel from their captivity in Babylon, which would not have happened if they had listened to his teachings in the first place.

Monday, July 14th: Isaiah 49 and 50. God has not “divorced” Israel (see Isaiah 50: 1), and will redeem her still, as is celebrated by one of his servants in this passage. Many of the verses are used in the Newsboys’ song, “Isaiah.”

Tuesday, July 15th: Isaiah 51. This chapter calls Israel to stand with God, who promises to deliver them their enemies.

Wednesday, July 23rd: Isaiah 52 and 53. More from “Isaiah.” Israel should rejoice because God is sending a servant (spoiler: it’s Jesus) to save them, but he will not be appreciated. In fact, he will be oppressed and killed.

Friday, July 25th and Saturday, July 26th: Prayer.


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