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Update: Vacation Again

I’m on vacation again, this time at a family reunion with my dad’s family outside Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. After we’re done, we’re going to visit our mom’s family in Nashville before heading back to school for band camp, which starts on the 14th. Because we don’t have internet at the cabin where we’re staying or at our other grandparents’ house, I won’t be able to post regularly until band camp starts, and even then I won’t be able to post much, so I’m going to take another break until moving into my year-long housing at school in a couple of weeks. Until then!


MDK & Doctor Vox – Space Lime

Sia – Chandelier

This song is very interesting when multiple teenage cousins (male) try to sing along…

2Cellos – Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover)

I’ve been following 2Cellos since they first became popular with “Smooth Criminal” but somehow missed their release of this AC/DC cover.

Hillsong United – With Everything (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)

Cazzette – Run for Cover

Phil Wickham – Holy Light