Getting Back Into It

As school begins to settle into a normal rhythm, I’ve been able to restart the habit of spending a devotional time before I go to bed, which I haven’t been doing in over a month. (I just noticed how many Daily Devotion posts I title “Getting Back___.” Oops.)  This, along with a couple of other things, was something that I was not happy with my doing (or not doing) at the beginning of the year, and wanted to get better at it (new year’s resolution, or something like that).

Monday, September 1st: Not this week, but the first day of Chi Alpha Monday Night Live. We started a series about six miracles, or “signs,’ as it likes to refer to them as, from the gospel of John that Christ performed to really show who he was. To kick off the series, however, we focused on Jesus’ calling of his first disciples in John 1. My favorite points from the night were that following Jesus requires two things: courage and a group of friends who are doing the same thing. While it isn’t always easy, we are promised that this decision will result in two other things: a change in who we are and visible examples of God’s glory.

Monday (September 8th): In our second Chi Alpha large group meeting, we examined the first of Jesus’ signs: the changing of water into wine, from John 2: 1-11, with some important historical context. While changing water into wine may seem like a relatively insignificant party trick (it’s funny because it was at a wedding feast…), especially compared to healing the sick or handicapped and raising the dead, Jesus actually saved the groom from a lifetime of being considered a cheapskate or even a thief. At the time, weddings were a huge deal, with several days of partying and as many guests as possible (richer individuals often invited their entire towns), and if the groom, who provided the supplies for said party, ran out of supplies, there would be a good reason for his guests to be upset with him.

Tuesday: I couldn’t remember where I was in Isaiah, and had been thinking about Joshua and Jericho earlier that night, so I read Joshua 2 and 6, the story of Israel’s conquest of the heavily fortified city. I especially focused on the involvement of Rahab, who is described as a prostitute, but aids Israel’s spies, is saved for her faith while the rest of the city is laid to waste, and becomes an ancestor of Jesus himself.

Wednesday: 1st Samuel 1. Another random choice, I decided to read the story of Hannah and the birth of Samuel, a key prophet in the history of Israel. The story is an excellent example of the power faith and God’s faithfulness. After I finish Isaiah, I think I may read through 1st and 2nd Samuel and into 1st and 2nd Kings, following the life of Samuel.

Thursday: Isaiah 55. God will provide good things to those who follow Him (seems to be a theme…). I accidentally skipped Isaiah 54, so I will need to go back and cover that.

Saturday: Prayer.

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