Nearly a month has passed in the new school year, and while it has been a good semester all together, so far, there are several things that I haven’t quite gotten under control about being back in school, especially my body clock and sleep. So I’m making a few “new year’s” resolutions for this school year. Here we go:

  • I resolve to, so long as I am not actively doing work on it, shut my computer down for the night by 11:00 PM on weeknights.
  • I resolve to, on weeknights, be ready for bed (showered, teeth brushed, etc.) by midnight, enabling me to have a designated devotional time immediately before bed.
  • I resolve to go to bed by 12:30 AM or earlier every weeknight.
  • I resolve to leave my computer closed unless I am actively working or playing on it.
  • I resolve to write at least 2 short blog posts and 1 long post each week (not counting I’ve Been Listening to… posts.

That may seem like quite a bit, but the first three are all closely related, and should help me significantly with increasing the amount of sleep I’ve been getting each night, one of the biggest problems I think I’ve had so far.

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