Another Two-Week Post

Definitely wasn’t 100%, but it’s getting better. Dates are approximate…

Monday, September 22nd: The night’s Chi Alpha message was on John 4, verses 1 through 45, where Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman who had previously had 5 husbands and had been a part of several practices that made her “less than ideal” for any random Jewish man to talk to, but offers her salvation nonetheless, reaching to the entire town through the woman.

Tuesday, September 23rd: Isaiah 57. Israel has become home to many non-believers and idolaters, but those who remain true to him and “prepare the way” for Jesus will have peace and be healed. Verse 21 makes the very simple but powerful statement that “There is not peace for the wicked.”

Wednesday, September 24th: Isaiah 58. Fasting, observing the Sabbath, and other forms of asceticism are only good and holy if done humbly in service of God, rather than trying to show others how “good and holy” you are.

Saturday, September 27th: Isaiah 59. Though God is all-powerful and his “hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear” Israel (and man in general) is broken, sinful, and far from God, who will judge all people for their transgression.

Monday, September 29th: Prayer. For whatever reason Chi Alpha was not what I needed spiritually, so I left after worship, spending my time walking back in prayer and thought.

Wednesday, October 1st: I got to go to Core Group! One of the frustrating things about Chi Alpha so far this year is that, for the time being, my Core Group is meeting on Wednesday nights, so I’ll be missing it almost every single week (the fact that large group met on Mondays is the main reason why I chose Chi Alpha over the other Christian fellowships on grounds… because it didn’t conflict with orchestra or marching band rehearsals). This week we didn’t have orchestra though, so I got to go. We studied 1st John chapter 2, which

Friday, October 3rd: Isaiah 60. Israel will be blessed with wealth, peace, and the cooperation of its neighbors in its salvation by God.

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