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One Month Later…

This blog wasn’t the only thing that I’ve not kept up with recently. So…

Sunday, October 5th: I didn’t get up in time to go to church, so I spent some longer devotional time in the morning instead, listening to praise music and reading Psalm 50 in addition to Isaiah 61 and 62. In Psalm 50, God reminds his followers that He does not need sacrifices and other forms of devotion, and warns the wicked about assuming that they are following Him, when in fact they are doing the opposite. Isaiah 60 and 61 both praise the Israelites for their faith and tell of how their neighbors, friend and enemy alike, will respect and help them.

Monday, October 6th: Isaiah 63. God takes vengeance upon his enemies, but is merciful to those who follow him, even after returning to him from a time of rebellion.

Wednesday, October 8th: Isaiah 64. This chapter is a call of the Israelites to see and be saved by God’s power, as they have been suffering in their sin.

Wednesday, October 15th: Isaiah 65. God will provide all His followers need and end their unhappiness.

At some point since then, I finished Isaiah with chapter 66, which follow much of the previous chapters in the vein of “God, in his glory, will bless Israel and His followers, but will judge His enemies.”



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