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Oh Snap It’s Luke! – Sevz


Bethel Music – Freedom (feat. William Matthews)

Michael W. Smith – Hang On

Oh Snap It’s Luke! – You and Me (feat. Cat Russell)

Modest Mussorgsky – Triumphal March from “Mlada” (Performed by Yevgeni Svetlanov and the USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra)

The opening piece to our last orchestra concert series of the year. Not my favorite, but it’s been stuck in my head.


One of my greatest fears is forgetting to do something important, and that fear was justified, to a degree, last night and this morning. Through the evening and night, my throat had been feeling worse and worse, so I was determined to go to bed pretty soon after orchestra rehearsal. I talked to N for a little while, and a little bit after midnight I was going to get off of my computer, shower, and head to bed myself, because I wanted to make sure I felt better for this weekend. Before I did, however, I checked my calendar application, and realized I still had one uncompleted task: an entire problem set for chemistry…

So around 12:30, I began work on that. Three of the four problems (which were primarily about substitution reactions and reactions with aromatic compounds, especially benzene) were long, but not too difficult, but the first took me over an hour and a half to figure out. I’m still not sure whether or not the reactions I described would actually work or not, but at 2:00, I didn’t really care. I forget what time I went to bed exactly, but it was after 6:00 (in the morning). Not exactly going to bed early…

I think my alarms woke me up for classes this morning at 8:00, but I ended up ignoring them or immediately falling back to sleep. I woke up again at 11:15, half an hour after my chemistry class ended and I was supposed to turn in my problem set. I went to the chemistry building as soon as I was dressed, and turned it in to my professor, who happened to be right outside of his office sorting through the problem sets the rest of the class had turned in. That was 11:35.

As I write this, I am finishing up a late breakfast, with orange juice, raisin bran, and a waffle. I don’t normally drink orange juice, but I’m trying to do whatever can to help me feel better before tomorrow night’s concert. The food is momentarily helping my throat feel a little better, but I still feel gross. Next steps: a spoonful of honey, calling my mom to figure out what drugs I should be taking (the only thing I prescribe for myself is Zicam, which isn’t exactly a drug), and going back to bed until I’m feeling a little more alert or 6:00 PM, whichever comes first. Hooray for being sick! (That was sarcasm.)

Oh Snap It’s Luke! – Ghost King